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About Maria Montessori's Philosophy


Medical doctor and educator, Dr. Maria Montessori was able to create a method to help children reach their highest potential by making them central to her goal. Each child progresses through stages of physical and mental development naturally and aren’t pushed from one level to the next using an arbitrary timetable. Learning that could be tedious, labored, or even impossible, can be enjoyed by children at earlier stages. During these stages, that Dr. Maria Montessori called “sensitive stages”, children’s interest and learning are spontaneous and the results long-lasting.


Children are able to improve themselves in the Montessori Prepared Environment and by regularly interacting with the teachers and other children. The Prepared Environment provides them with the freedom to pursue their own interests and to learn about themselves. It also teaches them to be curious as well as independent and self-disciplined. Through understanding and pursuing their own individuality, and cooperating rather than competing with other children, they can find inner peace and have a greater sense of order and harmony.


A good Montessori school will guide children through their early learning at their own pace. Younger children are at a period where they are developing and refining their senses and at Montessori they will be helped to use their knowledge and imagination in constructive and disciplined ways.

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